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In early 2019 Arcade Ltd collaborated with the Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre (RDMSC) to design, build, deliver and test a proof-of-concept app for a Mobile Device friendly Augmented Reality trail in the village of Great Missenden.

Stack of Books

"Marvellous Missenden is a clear example of heritage and technology combining to create a unique and enthralling experience for the public."

Steve Gardem, Director, Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

The Marvellous Missenden experience dramatises the inspiration that Roald Dahl took from his surroundings. It does this by magically revealing 3D content in AR space through the users mobile device, displayed on relevant buildings and places throughout the village. These interactions are linked together through a common chat interface which takes the user on a narrative led journey, through Roald Dahl’s inspiration and the village.

"The potential to develop a digital version of a village trail offers a scaleable alternative to previously explored physical installations"

Simon Hobbs, Chief Design Officer, Arcade

The AR trails seek to innovate in user engagement through the village to make the greatest virtue of the museum’s location, increasing perceived ticket value and visiting recommendations by providing added value activity. It makes use of the powerful devices visitors carry with them, so is a sustainable approach for an organisation at this scale. The combination of Roald Dahl and cutting-edge technology is ripe for wider press attention, indirectly supporting the Museum’s income generation by raising public awareness and sustaining visitor numbers. 

"the museum experience was able to spread into the great outdoors, making it attractive on sunny days as well as its traditional perception as a ‘wet weather destination’."

Alex Book, Chief Strategy Officer, Arcade